Our love for the outdoors began in our respective childhoods, growing up on farms and near the bush. Mike decided to take his interests further in university studying Agriculture and specialising in Environmental Science. Both Mike and Wendy have teaching degrees. Wendy worked in special schools and vocational training programs, while Mike trained adults with disabilities in nursery work.Otway Greening began in 1995 on our property at Deans Marsh which we have owned since 1983. With the experience of living in the area for this long, Mike's knowledge of the flora of the Otways and Western Plains nurtured an ability to identify and collect seed suited to customer requirements.

Mike is now offering courses to the public. Click here for more information.

We are very committed to the community and the region. We have given our knowledge and time freely and instigated many environmental projects and been involved in many community groups. McKay's Swamp, Deans Marsh Agroforestry Plantation, and the Bambra Wetlands to name a few. Mike is a life member of the East Otway Landcare Group and was president of the Otway Agroforestry Network for seven years.

It has always been our philosophy to grow plants from locally collected seed. We take pride in growing these plants, and we make sure they are grown in an environment that assures hardy tough plants that establish quickly on your property.


Mike & Wendy