A collection of informative and sometimes funny articles written by Mike Robinson-Koss for TREE TALK (the official newsletter of the Upper Barwon Landcare Network)

How to plant a tree
A concise, one page "how to" on planting trees and shrubs.
Mostly for the beginner but the experienced tree planter will find it useful if they have acquired any bad habits!

Get that tree planting organised!
A brief reminder for the semi organised tree planter!

The Banyalla Conundrum

Healthy Biodiverse Shelterbelts

Eucalypt Hybridisation

Strewth its Spewy
Ahhh, rain. Remember beautiful rain. And how it helps those little trees grow! For the sceptics out there.

Thoughts On A Cloudless Day
Time for some serious thinking if our treeplanting is to be successful. How disappointing is it when they don't even get established because of low soil moisture.
For tree planters who need trees on their properties and don't want to waste their money in the process.

Get Tree Ready
The pros and cons of planting trees in drought conditions. Do we consider an autumn planting? Do we take a risk with winter frosts?
For thinking tree planters.

Attack Of The Killer Mushrooms
Nature at its most brutal and yet amazingly subtle and spectacular.
For those who find nature brutal, subtle and spectacular!

In Search Of The Native Elderberry
A botanical tour through the western Otways searching for the elusive elderberry panax.
For lovers of the search… just for the hell of it.

Native Hemp
The native hemp bush- where it is found, how it grows, what it is used for.
For those interested in useful understorey plants.

The Smell Of The Otways
A lyrical jaunt into them thar hills.
For others who have an emotional connection with the bush.

The Yarra Gum
A rare eucalypt species but has a safe haven in the eastern Otways.
For those who like searching for interesting plants.

Don't read this if you like Agapanthus
Why not grow Tasman Flax Lily, a local alternative to the dreaded agga's.
For the sensitive gardener.

Healthy Soils & Happy Trees
An in depth look at soil life- microbial, fungal etc and the influences on trees and shrubs.
To remind people that trees are not just above the ground.

Acacia mearnsii

Eucalyptus regnans

Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea