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Plant Factsheets

An in depth look at plant species in the Upper Barwon Region. As part of an ongoing project, these factsheets were commisioned by the Upper Barwon Landcare Network and published in their quarterly magazine Tree Talk.

Allocasuarina verticillata
Download PDF
Drooping She Oak

Banksia Marginata Download PDF
Silver Banksia

Goodenia ovata Download PDF
Hop Goodenia

Eucalyptus viminalis Download PDF
Manna Gum

Eucalyptus camaldulensis Download PDF
River Red Gum

Bursaria Spinosa Download PDF
Sweet Bursaria

Information Guides

Local Plants and their uses
Download PDF
Local plants for food, fibre and medicinal use.

Native trees & shrubs for Farms & Properties Download PDF
Multi purpose planting on farms.

Coastal Exposure Plant list Download PDF
For the "difficult-to-grow-anything" garden along the Otway coast.
For gardeners who can't see the ocean for the salt build up on the window!

Australian Forests & Fire Regeneration Download PDF
What happens to the bush after a fire.
For those living in fire prone areas of the Otways.

Regeneration after fire Download PDF

Environmentally Friendly Backyard Planting Download PDF
Attracting birds to your garden
For custodians of small backyards or large paddocks, the birds do wonders for us, let's help them along.

Some Thoughts On Tree Planting In Dry Seasons D
ownload PDF

A tongue in cheek look at successful planting in dry seasons
For haters of Rolf Harris' version of Stairway to Heaven!

Benefits Of Planting Local trees & Shrubs Download PDF

The Role Of Understory Species In Agroforestry - Otway Region Download PDF
A brief summary of which understorey species to plant in a commercial plantation and what role they play for the success of the plantation.
For commercial tree growers who might like to diversify a bit.

Causes Of Rural Tree Decline Download PDF
Otherwise known as Dieback, the decline of rural trees, especially single trees in paddocks is a worry for many rural landholders. Issues are discussed.
For those wishing to maintain stock shade on farms and biodiversity in the paddock.

Windbreaks & Willows Download PDF
The advantages of a native windbreak and the detrimental effects on the environment caused by willows planted in streams and creeks.
For those who are yet to be convinced that willows are really quite bad for creeks, biodiversity, fish, platypus, streambanks etc.

Allocasuarina verticillata

Ptilotus in foreground. Banksia Marginata in background which has a sweet nectar for drinking - see more useful plants in Local Plants and their uses

Melaleuca Lanceolata

Acacia verticillata with a Blue Wren nest, for more bird tips see here