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How to Plant a Tree

Poti Putki (tube planter)

- Is used with the kidney basket

- one person can do the whole job

- carry plants in kidney basket- about 50-60

- drop plant down tube, use foot peg to push the bottom of the planter into the soil.

- push foot lever down completely and plant will pop out into the soil.  Pull planter out of soil and heel plant in.  Finished.

Hamilton Tree Planter (pogo stick)

- one person uses the planter, another 1 or 2 carries the plants and plants them.

- don’t need the kidney basket, just take a tray  of plants with you.

- take the planter and step on the foot treads to push planter into soil.

- pull out a plug of soil and move on.

- the planter then puts a plant into the hole and heels it in. Finished.


- The plants need to be heeled in well or they may dry out in the soil before they can establish themselves.

- Don’t leave any of the potting mix exposed to the sun- premature drying (and dieing).

- Soil needs to be moist and tree needs to be moist.

- If mature tree roots are in area to be planted, you may need to cut through them to conserve some moisture for the young seedling.

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Poti-Putki (left) & Hamilton planter (right)

Wendy using Poti Putki with Kidney baskets (one at her feet, one on her hip)

Trees planted onto previously sprayed spots and guarded with plastic sleeves